7 Methods To Research & Analyse Your Audience For SEO

Search Engine Optimization Expert

7 Methods to Research & Analyze Your Audience for SEO by a Search Engine Optimization Expert

Knowing your audience makes it much easier to attract organic traffic to your website. According to SEO experts, analyzing the audience makes it easier to target the searchers, increasing the effectiveness of search engine optimization and bringing in a considerable amount of organic traffic. Completing your SEO analysis successfully includes not only identifying your ideal website visitors but also determining who they are and what motivates them. It is a well-known fact that directing content toward the right audience increases targeted traffic, which ultimately leads to more conversions. In this article, you are going to learn 7 smart methods introduced by a Search Engine Optimization Expert to research and analyze your audience for SEO analysis. 

1. Gather Demographic Data Using Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases that searchers type in the search box of search engines. They are usually determined by their analytics and the relevance to the subject of the content. Keyword research is one of the core tasks of SEO analysis. The key to finding the most effective and the most targeted keywords is selecting the top five keywords that represent your brand the best and finding out the demographics associated with them. Typically, demographic information includes the age, gender, and location of the searchers, and it can be conveniently obtained by Google Trends. 

2. Identify the Website Visitors

Knowing who visits your website helps immensely in finding out who is interested in your brand. One of the easiest ways to identify your website visitors is getting information from Google Analytics. By checking the demographics under the ‘Audience’ section, you will get to have a broad idea about your website visitors, and if the data does not align with your target market, you may recheck your keywords and make them more precise. 

3. Analyze Your Competitors

Your competitors play a major role when it comes to targeting your audience. If you analyze the competitors that publish content about similar products to yours, you can win a great chance to gather information about the target audience. This will give you a detailed picture of your customers, their demographics, psychographics, and their buyer behavior so that you can focus your SEO to attract them into your website.

4. Use Social Insights

When it comes to targeting an audience, social media platforms make the quickest way. If you view the information of the followers or the fans of your company, you can obtain a clear idea about your market. 

5. Create Surveys

Holding surveys is another successful method of gaining credible information about your audience. It is a straightforward method that gives you a better idea of visitors who are actually interested in your brand. The key to receiving sufficient replies is to keep the survey short and sweet. You may include questions about specific details such as age, gender, pain points, and interests of your visitors in the questionnaire to have a better understanding of how to optimize your content. 

6. Identify Questions

Identifying common user questions is highly important when it comes to SEO. At present, Google even shows answers to them directly in SERPs. The tools such as Semrush, Also Asked, and AnswerThePublic provides common questions that searchers usually ask. The way to attract long-tail searches among your audience and to increase your odds of showing up as a direct answer in Google SERPs is to create content around common questions. 

7. Research Secondary Data

Once you know the demographics of your audience, it is easy to collect further information through research. Using secondary data, you can fill in the gaps in your analysis and complete your SEO procedure. 


Looking for an SEO Expert?

Analyzing your audience seems like a heavy task with numerous complicated steps. However, it is well worth your efforts as it ultimately drives better traffic to your website and improves your ROI on SEO. If you are looking for a reliable digital marketing agency to take over the SEO procedures of your business, contact SEO Consultant today to bring your content up in search engine rankings. 


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