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7 Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Expert Consultant

There are so many different aspects to running a business, often requiring the effective collaboration of a number of teams who specialise in various service areas. One of the most important service areas of successful businesses in the modern world is marketing, and more specifically, digital marketing. SEO is a huge part of digital marketing. However, it takes a certain set of skills to implement SEO properly. So whether you are a business that needs to increase brand awareness or a new website that needs foundational SEO work, here is the best advice you are going to get from an insider about hiring an SEO expert consultant

  1. Can you show us examples or case studies of past clients?

Before you start working with an SEO expert, you are going to want to see their credentials. This includes some of their past work to see just how much of an expert they really are. An experienced consultant will be able to show you how they have run a successful campaign for clients in the past, detailing the strategies they implemented for the client and backing it up with why they felt these strategies would work, and how they did work in the end. A good SEO consultant will have good before and after stories of their past client’s SEO well-being. 

  1. What is your typical SEO strategy?

Every client has different needs, so this question can help you see whether the consultant you are considering will give you a blanket statement answer. If they are a good consultant, they will know that each industry and client will come with a different set of needs. The best consultants will have already done a bit of research on your business and your industry and will be able to recommend specific key performance indicators to measure your campaign’s success. If they have not looked at your website and have not done research on your business and industry, it might show that they are not as focused on you as they should be. This doesn’t mean that they should have run a full audit of your website already, but they should still present several specific recommendations that address your needs. 

  1. How do you keep up to date with the latest trends and tools in SEO

Digital marketing and SEO tools and trends are constantly changing and growing. It is important that the SEO agency you end up working with is one that is aware of their industry and prioritises internal growth so that you can always work with the best solutions and most effective processes. You should also ensure that your SEO agency isn’t relying entirely on just free SEO tools, as it will not give them the best possible information to provide a good assessment of your business. Ensure that they are using reliable tools for SEO research, link building, technical analysis and reporting. 

  1. What is your process for conducting keyword research? 

Keyword research is a process that is absolutely integral to SEO and the answer is an excellent indicator of the firm’s priorities, organisational skills and how thorough they are. If you want to get specific with them, you can ask which tools the agency uses to compile keyword lists, what they do to organise this list and what their review process is. An SEO expert consultant will have a method for every step and will be able to explain why they choose to do it in this manner. 

  1. What is your timeline?

It is also very important that you determine a timeline with your SEO expert. It is unlikely that you are going to see huge results in a one-month period, but a good consultant will be able to offer several ways to measure growth and KPIs within several months. If they tell you that they are incredibly efficient and that they will be able to work with you for just 8 weeks and deliver results, that is a bad answer! Optimising SEO is going to take some time and there is a lot of trial and error and constant monitoring involved in finding success and then maintaining success. So if they say around a year, it is often a good sign. 

  1. How do you usually communicate with your clients and how often?

With an SEO consultant in Singapore, you are going to want a good amount of communication with clear reporting that you will be able to digest easily. You can ask for a sample report to get a good understanding of how they conduct their business. Monthly reports are the standard for SEO but quarterly reports are also useful. Their reports should include a summary of what SEO tactics they have implemented, whether you have experienced any increases in search traffic, where you rank with the keywords chosen and the rate of conversion of a visitor in your sales funnel. 

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