All You Need to Know About Duplicating SEO Content

All You Need to Know About Duplicating SEO Content

Regardless of how original your content may sound, there is a chance that the content of your copy could be duplicated. While having many copies of the same may not result in a ‘duplicate content penalty’ it surely undermines the effort you have put into your writing and can also have a negative bearing on your SEO content marketing strategy.

Whenever Google sees the same content on a site, or on a lot of different sites, the search engine’s algorithm decides which content to put at the top of the list. This is when your site might get punished for having the same or similar content on multiple pages or even on multiple sites, even if it’s not on the same page.

Therefore, your content marketing strategy certainly requires avoiding making these basic mistakes. Let’s find out what they are and how a good content marketing agency service can help you expand your business’s digital footprint.

What is Good SEO Content Marketing?

To maximize the effectiveness of your digital marketing activities, it is critical that you build an integrated marketing strategy.

If a consumer today has a question about a product or service, they use search engines like Google to find the answer. If you want to reach people when they need you, you’ll need to give them the right content at the right time. SEO and content marketing become the best team players when they work together.

By developing content that is focused on specific keywords and phrases that your audience is searching for online, you can boost your search engine presence. As a result, when a consumer searches for a topic related to your brand, Google will return your material.

This allows you to begin to establish a connection that can lead to a customer relationship. When your content performs well in search engines, you gain free internet exposure. This not only raises brand awareness but also drives more relevant visitors to your website. The more relevant visitors you drive to your site, the more prospects for conversion you will have.

Monitoring for Duplicate Content

Google is always on the lookout for content that displays expertise, authority, and trust (EAT). If your content is able to cater to these without duplicating the information, then it certainly is a winner.

What is Duplicate Content?

According to an article published by the Google Search Console Help Center, duplicate content is defined as ” …substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content, or are appreciably similar.”

Simply put, it refers to large chunks of content that have been copied from elsewhere or from your own website.

How Does It Affect Your Website?

According to Google’s John Mueller, “it’s normal for a site to have some of the same content, and Google’s algorithms are made to deal with it. If a lot of the content on a site is the same, Google will rank one and not show the other. ” He further states that it could also take up more of the crawl budget.

There are several ways in which it could harm your site’s performance.

  • Your page may not appear in the searches (Google will only pick the most relevant pages).
  • Your link profile will be diluted (if the same content is in 2 places within the same site).
  • It creates confusion with regard to originality.

Duplication or repetition, however, is unavoidable in certain instances, such as when products appear under multiple categories on the same site, the product specifications and descriptions are the same, and when cross-referencing to other sites with useful information.

Selecting the Best SEO Content Marketing Agency

It is important that you select an SEO content marketing agency that is well versed in best content practices in order for your digital marketing campaign to succeed. The right agency should be able to come up with the perfect SEO content marketing strategy for you. Now that you know how content marketing and SEO go together and why content duplication should be avoided, let’s find out what a good content marketing agency can do for you. They will,

  1. Research your target market

They identify and define the audience segment best suited for your products and services. This will help you generate more audience-specific topics that will engage the target group more actively.

2. Research your keywords

The words people type in when they are looking for a product or service are of absolute importance. Knowing the popular search terms or keywords can help with your SEO as well as content development.

3. Create a comprehensive content calendar

This will be the foundation for your marketing strategy, and it will help you figure out and distribute the content across a lot of different platforms.

4. Create unique content

From creating keyword-oriented blog posts and web content to that snackable video snippet, it all depends on great content. Easy readability, grammatical correctness, using examples, and audience relatability are the four pillars of great content.

5. Update your content from time to time

You cannot take a once-and-for-all approach when it comes to SEO content marketing. As the market evolves, so must your content. Updating statistics and trends, keywords, and refreshing language are all part and parcel of reviewing your content to achieve increased conversions.

Key Takeaway

SEO and content marketing are like the 2 sides of the same coin.  For your digital marketing strategy to work well and yield optimal results, it is mandatory that you achieve the right mix. While there may be no shortcuts to this, a strategic digital marketing campaign can guarantee you more quality web traffic and improve conversions over time. Looking for that unique content strategy? Get in touch with us. Our digital superheroes at SEO Consultant can help you achieve greater customer reach and expand your digital footprint.

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