Do You Still Need Directory Submissions For Local SEO?

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“Is Directory Submissions for Local SEO Still Necessary?’’ – The Opinion of a Leading Content Marketing Agency in Singapore

People believe that directory registration is an outdated practice that ought to be avoided. However, when it comes to local SEO services, the truth is that directory registration still plays a significant role in SEO in 2022 and has an impact on the site’s positioning. Depending on how you put it up, local directory submission might help or hurt your local SEO. Here’s the opinion


What is a Directory and Why is Local Directory Submission Important?

In SEO, directories are platforms comprising lists of websites arranged by categories to make it easier for consumers to find a website that interests them. An online directory, in contrast to conventional physical directories, can be more than just a sizable book filled with names, addresses, and phone numbers. It is a helpful tool for SEO and will definitely help your company reach a wider audience.

Establishing a local business’s visibility in the Google Local Map Pack and/or the top three organic search results is the main objective of local SEO. These often appear immediately beneath the Map Pack and sponsored Google advertisements. As with all SEO, a wide range of factors, including Google algorithms, are at play to determine which businesses rank highest and receive the desired organic search traffic that follows.

Local presence, relevance, and authority are three crucial factors when it comes to local SEO. In other words, local businesses need to make search engines understand that they are established in the particular locality and that they provide products and services that they publish about while maintaining their content in a trusted and authoritative manner. Many businesses place themselves on Google Local Map or Google My Business to support this.

In the early days, local directories were used to submit websites for backlinks. The key to gaining more visibility is to go on high-profile directories. This way, you will increase your internet visibility for local searches, as well as the overall scaled efficiency of the business, in addition to receiving valuable backlinks.


Benefits of being on a Directory

Being in a directory brings numerous benefits to businesses when it comes to search engine optimization. Any content marketing agency pays attention to this because of its positive outcomes. Below are the top two advantages you can receive by directory submission.

1. It widens your visibility to your target audience and makes your content recognized by search engines.

Aligning with the aforementioned, listing your website and company information in an online business directory will increase the likelihood that your target audience will see you. It’s important to keep in mind that these platforms typically group websites by their category or industry, which is perfect for you since, for instance, if a user is looking for a product that you sell, being listed in that area will make you more visible to him. However, to convince users that you are the greatest choice and draw their attention, it is crucial to develop an appealing, comprehensive, professional, and reliable profile in addition to being on a directory.

2. It acts as a great tool for link building

Undoubtedly, web directories use the links from all of those websites to include them in their listings, making them generally helpful tools for creating a link-building plan. Even if they provide backlinks, if this tactic is not implemented properly, it could have negative consequences or yield nothing at all. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct a preliminary investigation to determine which directories are the most popular and advantageous in your sector or company. By doing this, you will build trust and natural linkages. Google will be grateful for it.

Key Things to Remember when Placing Your Local Business on a Directory

When getting your business on a directory in order to improve SEO along with its visibility, you should make sure to follow the below tips,

1- Be consistent and keep your local presence sturdy.

2- Establish local relevance on platforms like Google Business profile.

3- Distribute your content on different platforms rather than limiting it to one to gain more local authority.

4- Pay attention to the reviews that you and your competitors get from organic authorities.

5- If your business runs at different locations, opt for trustable content management services for managing multiple locations on directories.

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