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Enterprise Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It’s one thing to optimise a few pages on a small site. It’s another to optimise thousands of pages on an enterprise site. In enterprise search engine optimisation (SEO), you’re dealing with huge websites with multiple pages and sub-pages. The final goal, however, is still ultimately the same as traditional SEO: rank content for high-value keywords and attract organic traffic. However, traditional SEO strategies will need to be scaled up exponentially for the efforts and results to be magnified on the enterprise site.

Optimise the Website’s Architecture
Search engines must be able to find, access, render, crawl, and index the pages to rank your content. To do so, businesses need to scale up the optimisation of their website such as building a well-thought-through site architecture, where all the content is easy to reach, automatically generating internal links and substantially increasing the content output.

Target a Broad List of Researched Keywords
Unlike traditional SEO, enterprise SEO targets a broad list of keywords to rank each of the product and service on search engines. This is because an enterprise website deals with a vast number of search phrases from different customers across the globe. Analysing competitors’ keywords will help you better understand how customers search for information related to the products and services.

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