Going International? Here’s What You Need To Know For Your Global SEO?

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Going International? Here’s What You Need to Know for Your Global SEO? 

If you are planning to expand your business to the international market, you need to prepare an effective Global SEO strategy. Going international is not a simple procedure. Many business owners tend to rely on direct translations of their content, including the keywords when marketing their products and services to the international audience. However, this is an inefficient method that may not lead you to your business goals. 

When introducing a business to an international audience, you need to get your SEO strategies in line with the language, culture, and lifestyle of the citizens of the countries that you target. Even though you market the same products that you distribute in the local market, you need to employ your marketing techniques to introduce them to your foreign markets on their terms, with effective product management. The easiest and most effective way of managing your Global SEO is to get a reliable International SEO Agency on board. Read on to learn what you need to pay attention to when setting up international SEO for your business. 


What Is Global SEO? 

Global SEO is a straightforward concept with a remarkably intricate implementation. The term ‘Global’ is derived by merging the two words ‘global’ and ‘local’, as it means implementing global SEO necessitates developing a distinctive local SEO strategy for each area. 

Local SEO feels smaller and distinct from “global,” yet, in reality, both are composed of several Local SEO operations. When entering a foreign market, you first need to understand that your products and services will have to compete against those that are available in its local market. 

To familiarise your business with the locals of your target countries, while keeping up with your business’s international marketing strategies, you need to consider several factors. They are,


  • Learn from the locals- The locals of your target country know their market the best. Learn what keywords they use, what is the general structure of their web content, what trends they follow, etc. to get a better grip on their market. 
  • Identify the local competitors- If you are targeting the international market, you must be aware of your main competitors. Once you identify with whom you have to compete, observe their online behaviour and progress in order to penetrate the market.
  • Get familiarised with the local lifestyle, languages, trends, and other cultural insights- The culture of your target countries may differ from yours. If you are planning to reach the international market, your SEO strategies should align with their culture, language, trends, and norms. Before you strategize your SEO plan, get yourself familiarized with the local lifestyle to have a better idea of how to proceed. 


Tips to Reach the International Market in 2022 

As you expand your business, you need to know how you can make your international search engine optimization strategy successful. Even if you tie knots with an agency that provides international SEO in Singapore, you still need to learn the basics to run a steady international business in the long run. 

Here’s what you can do,


1. Do a Proper International Keyword Research 

Keyword research is crucial to international SEO, just like it is to ordinary SEO. You may uncover the best keywords for your campaign by carrying out keyword research. Concentrate on long-tail keywords if you want your campaign to get the best results. After conducting keyword research, you should translate the keywords into the target languages. It’s crucial that you consult a local instead of relying on AI translators in this matter. 


2. Prioritise Language Targeting 

With your foreign SEO strategy, you must concentrate on language targeting if you want to reach global audiences. It is a more effective way of reaching the international market than targeting destinations by country. For example, expanding your business to francophone countries such as France, Canada, and Belgium by targeting the language would be more profitable than selecting just France by targeting the country. 

You should use the “hreflang” tag when creating your website to identify the languages it supports. Google is informed of the language you intend to utilise on a particular page through the hreflang tag. The code may be inserted in the sitemap, HTTP header, or on-page markup. The proper language will be shown on your website for visitors thanks to a specific piece of code. It’s also crucial to avoid automatically switching users to a different language based on where they are, considering the plight of foreign nationals travelling or residing in your target countries. 


3. Do Not Rely on AI Translators

As previously mentioned, you shouldn’t rely on machine translation for your international pages. Although machine translation appears to be a simple approach to translating your websites, it can be highly inaccurate. Why risk creating content that your audience won’t comprehend? Instead, you should rely on a native speaker of the language or someone who is fluent in it if you want your foreign SEO strategy to produce the finest results. This will enable you to translate your pages more accurately.


4. Generate URLs for International Pages 

You need to make specific pages for your overseas markets in order to achieve the best results from your international SEO strategy. There are three primary methods for creating URLs for your global website.


  1. ccTLD – Country code top-level domains are known as ccTLDs. This two-letter code identifies the nation in which the website is registered.
  2. Subdomain – You can also choose to utilise a subdomain for your company. You should use this domain only for your international pages.
  3. Subdirectory – The subdirectory option focuses more on creating a page for each language or nation on your website.


5. Reflect Local Culture in Your Design

You must fully immerse yourself in the culture if you want your foreign SEO strategy to succeed. It’s crucial that the style and content of your website are appropriate for your target audience. With culturally-relatable designs, your audience will have a better experience on your website. Additionally, you should check the formatting of items like addresses and phone numbers. These are small details, but they’ll have a big effect on your audience.


Local SEO and international SEO have different approaches. If you are intending to expand your business to a foreign market, you must strategize your digital marketing aspects accordingly. To receive the best results, opt for international SEO services from a reliable SEO agency in Singapore like SEO Consultant. 


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