How does SEO support Online Reputation Management?

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It takes decades to build a business reputation and only five minutes to completely ruin it. Though people consider managing online reputation as an optional factor, online reputation issues in the business world are sometimes beyond their control. Focusing on what you can control through Online Reputation Management will empower you to handle reputation issues and challenges effectively without leaving any backlash. 

What is online reputation management?

Online reputation management or commonly known as ORM, defines the practice of managing what content and information about your business are available for potential internet users. This could basically be considered a proactive measure to protect a business or brand name. The process of monitoring ORM is through managing internet mentions while maintaining a positive representation in web result searches. 

Top 2 reasons why online reputation is important for the existence of your business

  1. User-generated content

Customers always consider user-generated content before making a purchase decision. A single negative comment or link could bring devastating results including losing customers, losing company revenue, and worst of all: losing company reputation. 

      2. Online reputation matters for offline business

Online reputation highly affects the physical operation of a business. For example, prospective customers would first research about the shop or restaurant online before walking into the premises and experiencing the physical service. Hence, consumers always check the number of reviews, star rates, etc. before actually visiting the physical shop.


ORM through SEO efforts

One of the main factors to remember when building an online reputation is that consumers are always influenced by what they read about a business. This is why it is important to ensure that only positive content ranks higher under the search results of your company name and brand keywords. 

Some of the results of implementing a successful SEO strategy in ORM are:

  • Optimization of web pages to appear at the top of SERPs through target keyword ranking.
  • Optimization of both business-hosted and third-party reviews of your business when an internet user searches for your business or brand name.
  • Feature genuine social profiles that represent your brand name.


Why do you need to hire an experienced ORM agency?

An online reputation crisis is a dark mark to completely and quickly clear up on the internet. An experienced online reputation management expert knows and understands both the ins and outs of search engine sequences while applying expertise to develop an effective approach to secure search engine reputation. 

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