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How Online Stores Can Drive Organic Traffic?

Ecommerce SEO Singapore

eCommerce is one of the sectors that low regards SEO during strategic establishment and implementation. Most online stores are established with either little or no consideration of how search engines can impact their online presence. Almost all online businesses rely on social media, thinking that social media presence is more important than potential customers reaching out to their websites. Some online stores also pay hundreds of dollars to post paid advertisements on popular social media sites including Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok. That is why increasing organic traffic should be one of the priorities of an online store. In fact, organic traffic drives about 50% of the entire website traffic while 40% of this covers online revenue. The good news is that you can increase your website traffic through an SEO agency. 

By the end of this article, you will learn what organic traffic is, strategies you can use to increase organic traffic, and about one of the best eCommerce SEO Singapore service providers for you to contact for your online store. 


What is Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic is the number of visitors (commonly referred to as traffic) who visit your website via unpaid search results. This is the complete opposite of paid traffic. In paid traffic, you have to pay money to bring in visitors to your site by doing online campaigns such as on Google. Organic traffic is generated when people search for sites using specific keywords on search engines, and they discover your site at the top of the search engine results page(SERP). Studies show that 30% of the entire organic traffic rate for a particular keyword is gained by the site that is ranked at the very top of SERP. This is basically why it is important to rank your site high in organic search by implementing proper SEO strategies.


How to increase organic traffic in your online store?

First of all, you need to know that search engines look at two things in any site they crawl on to generate the SERP: content and internal links. Then you can look into the other methods. 


  1. Good SEO

Search engine-optimized websites are guaranteed to gain more organic traffic. Some of the strategies included in eCommerce SEO are;

  • Using powerful keywords
  • Optimizing website images
  • Well-optimized meta titles, descriptions, and tags
  • Data structuring for a better understanding of search engines (and web crawlers)


     2. Quality content

It’s a well-known fact that search engines prioritize websites that they think provide the best information to the users according to the searched keywords. For example, an online store’s site should provide answers to customers’ questions and provide accurate information so the search engine sees your online store as a site with quality content. 


     3. Detailed product and service descriptions 

Customers always look at your product descriptions. They determine if they want to buy it or not through your product description. Then again, the product descriptions should be written incorporating the right keywords. The content should be compelling and should include details of the product including features, benefits, uses, etc. Product descriptions should allow you to gain organic traffic, however, you should always consider that these are sold to human customers and not to search engine bots and crawlers. That is why the content should be able to win the customers’ trust. 


      4. Blogs

Online stores that publish blogs gain 5 times more organic traffic than online stores does publish one. Increasing the number of blogs you publish monthly can double your lead in SERP. The most important part of having blogs is that they are hosted on your website and not on other platforms or social media sites which potentially enhances organic traffic. The next fact is that blogs increase the number of website pages which can drive organic traffic. 


      5. Increase the number of landing pages

Research shows that online stores that increase the number of landing pages can upgrade organic traffic up to 55%. Hence, landing pages allow the creation of a cloud of information around a targeted product, service, or the entire product category. These landing pages may include related product sites, blogs, social media sites, and other links for similar content.


Are you looking for an eCommerce SEO agency?

Though you can work on enhancing your online store’s organic traffic, it is never a bad idea to hire a professional and well-experienced eCommerce SEO services provider. They know the best practices and execute long-term plans to create the best results in a short period of time. Visit SEO Consultant to get the highest quality eCommerce SEO guidance, support, and services in Singapore. For more information, visit SEO Consultant today.

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