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Local B2B SEO Guide For Local Businesses

The term local SEO is commonly used in general conversations about business and digital marketing. Yet, we often think that local SEO refers to the different strategies and tactics that local retail businesses (B2C and B2B businesses) use to optimize their online traffic and visibility in local search results. This is not an accurate picture of what local SEO really is. B2B businesses find it way more difficult to get organic traffic onto their websites than most B2C businesses as their operations do not take place at a distinct location.

The primary goal of local SEO services is to boost the visibility of local businesses online within their particular localities to gain more organic traffic. If a business becomes successful in local search engine optimization, its website would appear among the top search results when a potential customer from the same locality makes a Google search.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of how to establish your B2B business as a trusted, and active virtual business place providing real value for customers by improving SEO and who to contact when you are looking for a local SEO agency Singapore.


Focus on the basics

Every local SEO service project should begin with a solid foundation. It is important to do a thorough back check about the web presence audit or SWOT analysis to determine the points to focus on on-site and off-site during optimization. 

Things that are included in a comprehensive strategy to build a solid foundation include:

  • Topical SEO keyword research to identify customers’ way of searching online.
  • Local qualifiers to mimic customer search behavior (using keywords like “near me”).
  • Both internal and external link reviews.
  • Detailed report on competitor sites.


Optimize your Google My Business Profile (GMBP)

Among the different services offered by Google for businesses, Google My Business is an online business profile that makes it easier for customers to locate your B2B business when they are searching for similar products and services. GMB is mainly focused the location and it is a listing of different businesses in a specific region including details such as the  directions to get there.

Moreover, this enables Google to validate the presence of a business within an area of service. Businesses should claim and verify location with a physical address. Sometimes businesses do not formally conduct business at the address, however, a physical address adds validation to a business on a Google local map.


Focus on your NAP

Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP) are unique identifiers representing a business. Hence, these are important elements to focus on when implementing local SEO strategies. You should pay attention to the accuracy of the NAP of your business wherever it appears across the internet. Starting from your corporate website to the GMBP, and other sites referencing your business, it is necessary to check the NAP details provided on each site to ensure that your customers reach your business.


Get local SEO services from a local SEO agency

The final goal of local SEO is to ensure that your visibility falls on customer validation through an internet search, site visit, product consumption, reviewing, and sharing. SEO Consultant is a local SEO agency Singapore with exceptional experience and trust, providing local SEO services for B2B businesses to build a strong online presence and customer base. At SEO Consultant, we help your business to be positively ranked as a local business and make your business reach your audience.

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