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Powerful SEO Trends That Are Dominating 2022

Three Powerful SEO Trends That Are Dominating 2022

Did you know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) began in 1991? In fact, in the early days of SEO, many unethical practices which SEO expert consultants now shun were quite the norm. Black hat SEO practices like keyword stuffing and poor-quality content were being leveraged against search engines to create higher rankings for websites. Fast forward nearly 30 years and SEO is quickly evolving with the advent of more advanced search engine algorithms. Here are the top 3 powerful SEO trends dominating in 2022.  

1.  The Addition of People Also Ask

Introduced in 2015, Google’s People Also Ask (PAA) feature on page 1 of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) has become a fixture in SEO strategy. Enquire with any SEO consultant agency and they will advise you that it is important that your content becomes ranked on this new feature. However, sealing a spot on one of these queries requires the assistance of an SEO consultant agency in Singapore as you will need to identify keyword phrases that are made up of three to five words. 

With this information, you will be able to incorporate these keywords into your content and provide the most accurate answers to the burning questions that users have. This is one of the latest and most effective SEO trends your business can leverage because according to Semrush, PAA results will be featured at the top of SERPs nearly 75% of the time! This increases the ranking and visibility of your website. Additionally, when your content is on the PAA segment of the results page it signals your website’s authoritativeness and credibility. 

2.  More Focus On User Search Intent

It’s clear from the introduction of PAA that search engines like Google are becoming increasingly tailored to users. In fact, Google is prioritising user intent and will rank websites accordingly. Now, this isn’t exactly new for the search engine giant. In 2019, Google introduced the BERT AI update, a revolutionary update that used machine learning to analyse Google search queries in order to determine the best search results. Sounds familiar? The BERT update makes it possible for the search engine to identify the meaning and intent behind a search query. 

So, if your website’s content fits the intent behind a search query then there is a much higher likelihood that Google will rank your website higher. This will undoubtedly have a reverberating effect on your website as a whole in terms of the content and keywords you decide to implement onto your website. User search intent will become the underpinning factor; the “why” behind every single page you create. 

3. Core Web Vitals

In 2021, Google rolled out a new and broad core algorithm update known as Page Experience Update. Again, with a heightened focus on the average Google user, the search engine giant rolled out this update as a way to improve user experience and positively rank pages that offer a fantastic experience. As you might imagine, these core vitals became another important metric for ranking and SEO. 

These core web vitals include the following factors: 

  1. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): This refers to the number of times a layout changes and shifts during the website’s life. 
  2. First Input Delay (FID): This refers to the length of time it takes from when a user starts to interact with the website to when the browser responds to the initiation. 
  3. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): This refers to how quickly the website’s content including the image and text is loaded from the moment the user initiates loading the page. 

Improving on these three core web vitals can either make or break your SEO effort as these are measurable impacts on the experience of your visitors. A poor performance in any of these metrics can signal to Google that your website is not user-friendly and undeserving of a higher rank on its SERP. When you contact an SEO Consultant in Singapore to improve these core vital metrics, they will work closely with an in-house web developer to fix these web issues. 

Get On Top Of These 2022 SEO Trends With A SEO Consultant Agency

SEO is a fast-paced and ever-evolving optimisation strategy. Each new year brings with it the latest advancements in algorithms and updates. It is clear that Google is focused heavily on delivering an exceptional user experience and will rank websites accordingly. Get in touch with an SEO consultant agency able to navigate the latest trends in SEO and act on them quickly so that your website improves in ranking and visibility to potential customers.  Click here for more! 

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