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Why is Local SEO Important for Businesses?

local seo for business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for enhanced internet visibility as well as searchability. And local SEO is one of its most effective and budget-friendly methods. It allows you to leverage business with simple SEO techniques.

If you are thinking of employing this particular approach, it is best if you have a concise idea of what it is and how it can impact your business. Continue reading for details.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO mainly focuses on using location-specific keywords to increase the online visibility of your business. And this is achieved by boosting its local search rankings. Most of the time, this is achieved by geographical qualifiers that include zip code, service area, city, and state. Also, “near me” search terms are used to pick up the geo-location of the search engine user, which helps to provide custom search results from where he or she is.

Why is local SEO important? 

For one, local SEO allows you to gain a bigger return on investment by penetrating your local market better. It is extremely beneficial if you have a business that has a brick-and-mortar store that delivers services and/or products in a particular area. 

It plays a key role in helping drive traffic to your physical location by ensuring that your business information is visible to search engine users in your local area. In fact, according to a study that was performed by Forbes, about 95% of smartphone users utilize their devices to perform searches for local businesses. Of the said users, 61% called the business and 59% visited. 

What businesses benefit best from local SEO?

  • Lawyers

In Google, one of the biggest benefits of local SEO is a call button in local search results. This method allows the contact information of law firms to reach potential clients.

  • Doctors 

When someone is looking for a doctor, search engine users utilize the keywords “doctors near me” in the searches. Local search results in Google provide the doctor’s name up front, together with a directions link that activates a map application on the user’s phone. 

The said feature is essential because in general, users are looking for easy ways to find directions to medical facilities. 

  • Plumbers 

Imagine this: you need an emergency plumbing service. What do you do? Do you go directly to the plumbing office? Well, chances are you are going to go online and type “ plumber near me.” This is also true when it comes to regular consumers. 

And thanks to Google’s local search results, you can have an easy way to call plumbing professionals directly, access local plumbers, and even read their reviews. Quite handy for those who have a plumbing emergency. 

Summing up

If you want your business to be competitive both online and offline, then performing local SEO is the way to go. When properly employed, you can better manage your online presence and build up your client base in the long run. 


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