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Why your website needs to optimize for mobile-friendly SEO

Why Your Website Needs to Optimize for Mobile-Friendly SEO?

Search engine optimization helps internet users to access relevant, reliable data, and rank web content among the top search results as well. Mobile SEO or mobile optimization is the process that provides an optimized service to the internet users who surf from their mobile devices. 

What is Mobile Optimization?

At present, people spend more time on their mobile devices than on their computers. Most searches are done through mobile phones. However, there are many websites that are not accustomed to displaying on different screen sizes and loading times. Mobile optimization creates your web content mobile-friendly, hence your mobile visitors do not turn away due to inconvenient site designs, structures, page speed, and other related issues. To reach your goals easily, you can always seek help from a reliable company that provides services related to Mobile SEO in Singapore


What are the Best Mobile SEO Practices?

If you are geared with sound knowledge of the technology, you may already have a well-optimized website. Here are 8 additional settings that you can opt for to make it friendlier for your mobile users. 

1. Enhance Page Speed

Mobile users don’t like it when their search results take too long to load. However, due to many reasons like hardware and connectivity issues the speed fluctuates. That is why you need to enhance your page speed by optimizing images, minifying code, leveraging browser caching, and reducing redirects. 

2. Do Not Block CSS, JavaScript, or Images

As these elements were not supported by some mobile devices in the past, webmasters of mobile sites blocked them. Nevertheless, the technology is advanced now, and Smartphone GoogleBot requires access to categorize the same content that the users do. As these elements play an important role in helping Google understand responsive sites and offer mobile solutions, it is crucial that you do not block them. 

3. Use Mobile-Friendly Site Designs

In a world where people rapidly advance technology for more convenience, creating mobile-friendly site designs is the way to maintain your web traffic. Unlike old days, mobile users expect websites to be easy to scroll on their portable devices. 

4. Do not Use Flash and Pop-Ups

If your users’ phones do not have the plugin, there’s no point in using Flash. Instead, use HTML5 to create special effects. As well, having to close so many pop-ups on a single page is frustrating. To avoid a high bounce rate, refrain from using pop-ups. 

5. Design for the Fat Finger

Accidental clicks make it difficult for web users to concentrate on the content. If your site has buttons that are designed for the fat finer, you will be able to avoid such inconveniences caused by too small or too big touchpoints. 

6. Optimize for Local Search

When optimizing your website, it is important to consider the type of your expected audience. If your content is directed toward the local market, you need to optimize your website for local search. This can be easily done by including your city, state, address, and other contact details in your metadata. 

7. Optimize Titles and Meta Descriptions

Titles and meta descriptions are the key to grabbing the users’ attention. Keeping them short and precise can make the best use of the limited screen space you get on mobile devices while showing off your best work in SERPS. 

8. Use Responsive Web Designs

Users admire it when they are served with the same content despite the screen size. Responsively-designed sites use CSS3 media queries to fulfill this need using a fluid grid and a flexible design that can easily adapt to screens of different sizes. 

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